It’s finished!

It’s wonderful… 42 chapters of mindblowing paragraphs.


ahem. sorry about that.

anyway, now that’s done what to do next?

well, you all know about METALLIC (love the way it comes up on my screen!) but i’m thinking of doing a few mini horrors in between so my mind doesn’t go all icky and like sludge. so, if you want to read these (who WOULDN’T?) then go to-

For Lenka’s Little Horrors

Ta for now

x Lenka x

Well. Here we go.

It’s that time when i randomly hit they keyboard, praying to make SOME sense in my work.

Although, i’ll point out that if you’re writing the final EPILOGUE to something, do not do it when the back space and space bar are beginning to mock you.

I’ll show you what i mean (NOTE: this is not the actual story. it’s something i made up on the spot)

‘All you ave top do is hit an rum’

it’s meant to say, all you have to do its hit and run, so you can see my aggravation.

Now that the Epilogue of Death Sisters is coming, i have to find something else to do, and for the first time, i have actually PLANNED out a story (yeah, i know, odd huh?) well, i’m about as shocked as you because it’s pretty good in all honesty. Point being, i didn’t plan Death Sisters, it kinda happened which is why i find it a bit all over the place. But i much happier with METALLIC (i love how that sounds :D) however due to limited space on webs and wordpress, it will be on a different site.

Don’t cry though, i’ll post a sneak preview when i’m done with it right HERE for you all to see, and then maybe i’ll start thinking of self publishing and what not.

Well, ta for now, keep reading

x Lenka x

Raising awareness.

Okay, i hate to say it, but there are people out there who are less fortunate-

I want to raise awareness for all those people who are unlucky and are born with Cancer, Bone disease, Cystic Fibrosis ect ect.

So, i’m hoping this might be a good start, i will continue it in future, but for now, let’s just give it a shot:

Kayleigh received a kidney from her brother were they were little, and now, she’s receiving a lung from his death…


People call me freaky.

Weird. different. Spooky. A freak. Take your pick, i get called worse.

All i have ever wished for is to be normal-i don’t think i’ll ever know what it’s like: it’s just something i’m not.


Kayleigh was confirmed with a rare disease, Lymphangiomatosis, when she was just 2 days old. It’s tearing apart herself, and dividing an enemy line across her family…

When Kayleigh was only 4 weeks of age, Doctors discovered that vital organs were beginning to disappear, some too weak to take on Kayleigh struggled of life, but she has a brother, Danyl, and he was the only one who could save her life…

‘…Lungs like teaspoons: teaspoons the same size which were found in a miniature tea set: a tea set which was only small enough for a childs tiny teddy to own. Bones as fragile as toothpicks: as thin as toothpicks even! Lungs smaller than a baby dolls hand, her heart as breakable as glass ornament. Organs to thin and weak to survive in her body…

Kayleigh needs a kidney, and a lung transplant. Her own are too useless, but by the age of 2, she is due for surgery, when Danyl-only 4-agrees to give his sister one of his own kidneys, to watch her live.

Now, Danyl-14- is diagnosed with brest cancer, and when Danyl dies, it means a new life for Kayleigh. But it’s not one she wants…

Danyl dies. There’s nothing more to it. While Sarah-Mum- is grieving, everyone also knows she’s overjoyed for her darling daughter to have another shot at life.

But Kayleigh won’t accept her life. Kayleigh goes in for surgery once again, to receive one of her brother’s lungs. Still grieving, her new school will also not accept her. The pupils torment her, calling her names, pinching her stuff, and always getting away with it. But with Danyl gone, she has no one left to talk to.

Kayleigh can’t survive any longer. The only way to stop it all, is to take it to the court, and pray that she can defeat whatever her life has become…


so what did you all think?

comment below please…

thank you





get this- i sent a message to wordpress, about the copyright of my blog, and i just read the reply-

(remember i only just got on, it says on the e-mail he sent it at 3:05 in the am)

and it says i have full copyright on my work!!!! cool huh?

so, yeah:

this post is copyright of Lenka Sweet


New Chapters

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Just wondering…

What do you all think of  Death Sisters right now?

I want to know your opinion, so i can alter future chapters, things like if you want more action, love, or flash backs?

i’d also like to know your favourite character, you can do this by writing the name underneath in a comment, or in a poll, which should be up and running soon.


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